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Coyote Radio
started as a television series
featuring The Coyote
of the Buddhist rock band, American Zen.12-String Alvarez Acoustic Guitar of The Coyote

These SOLO performances by Coyote
involved NO TALKING by Coyote.

Each song began and ended with silence,
other than occassional clapping
from the cameramen and production crew.

Coyote said he wanted to focus on the songs,
not his visual performance.

These songs were so excellently performed
that Shaolin Records began collecting these
SOLO PERFORMANCES to release on records.

With his face shadowed
by his wide brimmed leather cowboy hat,
Coyote began each show without any introductions.

As usual, Coyote would still break some guitar strings.

Although these were LIVE performances,
the TV station would rewind the master videotape
and Coyote would restart the song.

These Coyote Radio TV shows
aired on Los Angelese cable stations.

Our own SHAOLIN PICTURES has possession
of all these 3/4" video masters
and will be editing for these release on DVDs.

The music will be released on CDs by SHAOLIN RECORDS.

Come back and VISIT THIS WEBPAGE soon for more details and free sample downloads.



Richard Connor
Director, Shaolin Pictures



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