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2010 was another year of difficult finances. Is that a nice way to say, "poverty?"

Coyote's frustration led him to cut his hair to get a Pinkerton Brinks Truck job.

As the hippie ashes scattered to the wind (his hair), Coyote realized that there wasn't a haircut that could satisfy him--so he hacked it all off. He felt better. Over the next month Coyote's identity redeveloped as a hairless hippie into: www.HippieBuddha.com


"Live Zen to Be Zen"

Follow along as Coyote dissects his identity, opens his brain and spills out his heart. Unlike Humpty Dumpty, we're putting our happy hippie back together and giving him a new name: THE HIPPY COYOTE. >> Coyote Radio .NET >>

Utilizing the Buddhist teachings of Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang, the CyberTemple of www.shaolinZEN.org is the core of our 8 LEVEL BUDDHIST JOURNEY to nirvana.
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