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American Zen

Recorded 2003

Released 2013

THC The Hippy Coyote


14 songs






Kung Fu Cowboy Book Cover 2-4-2009Coyote recorded the drums in the CV Park Gymnasium during the summer of 2009 as he prepared for his "3rd Degree Proficiency."

On June 9, 2009, Richard Del Connor, the Master Mason Organist of Freemason Panamericana Lodge 513, discovered that a Kung Fu Form that had been passed down since the 1930s, was a "Masonic Kung Fu Form," with all the secret signs, symbols of Freemasonry, and a Masonic story, woven together in this martial arts dance.

Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote, has been a Mason since 2007. This had already influenced and inspired several songs on the album, but then, in May, 2010, as Richard was mixing the LEVEL 4 PART 1 album, he decided to change the overall storyline of the album from an autobiography to the story of King Solomon and his head architect, Hiram Abif.

In the rock opera, KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE, Hiram Abif is murdered during the song, "Kill The Spider."

This new Masonic storyline also inspired Coyote to rewrite the PART 2 album into a rock opera about the Masonic Kung Fu.


Album cover of I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME by American Zen




Released September 11, 2008.

We scheduled the Release Party for September 21, but then we got so excited and couldn't wait any longer...

Song like The Beatles, songs like Led Zepellin, songs like Jethro Tull...

The "BASS POETRY" is a new and innovative style of poetry with Coyote playing his Rickenbacker bass behind his recited poetry. Poetry never sounded so good.

Album cover of CHRIST KILLER album by American Zen


America's best flutist, The happy hippie Hippy Coyote,
leads American Zen through the Utah fields of Mormon.

America's First Buddhist Rock Band was originally called, "The Rich" from 1978 to 1985.

CD album cover of LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind CD by American ZenLEVEL 1 =

The first album, LEVEL 1 = PEACE OF MIND, begins their Zen Buddhist journey to nirvana.
Led by THE HIPPY COYOTE, American Zen started when the band moved from San Diego to Venice, California.

Boarding up all the windows, putting security grates over the windows, and hiring a couple of Doberman Pincers to keep out the Barrio gangmembers and burglars... The band rehearsed every night with a crowd of Mexican neighbors hanging out outside to enjoy their power-rock music.

American Zen TRIOOriginally, a 3-piece power pop trio called, THE RICH, the band lived together for 3 years, honing their skills and performing the local night clubs of Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Coyote Live at Coconut TeazerBandmembers hired themselves out to other local bands and recording studios for extra cash. Bandmembers recorded and performed with many groups including, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Eagles, The Chicago Transit Authority "Chicago," Dianna Ross, Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Zappa, and Badfinger.

Coyote In A Graveyard FLYERThen as the band was preparing a soundtrack for New World Pictures, called COYOTE IN A GRAVEYARD, our band leader hippie runs off to Utah with a Mormon girl who was visiting one of Coyote's neighbors.

It took us a little while to get him back to California and now we've released American Zen's second album, LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER, which contains 15 songs plus 7 recited poems by The Coyote.

Artwork by Damian Hunter
Predumped Coyote drawn by Damien Hunter before Coyote's romantic Utah blunder.

Coyote and drummer Steve lived in a Porno Studio Home for a year in North Hollywood.
Flaming Drummer
It was really cool, pants Coyote. "It had all these Roman and Greek columns and statues around the swimming pool when we moved in. It looked like a porno movie outdoor set. Even though there is a big high brick wall in the backyard, they planted a really thick hedge of really tall bamboo so that neighbors couldn't see over the fence. "

Coyote at iMac G5
Relaxing in Tujunga.

CD by American Zen Be the first person on your block
to bring a Coyote into your bedroom.


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